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What’s The Most Advanced Noise Canceling Motorcycle Helmet?

Riding a motorcycle offers an exhilarating sense of freedom, but it also exposes riders to potentially harmful levels of noise from wind, traffic, and the motorcycle itself. Enter the noise cancelling motorcycle helmet, a revolutionary development in rider gear that significantly reduces ambient noise, enhancing both safety and comfort on the road. This innovative technology employs advanced methods to actively or passively cancel out unwanted sound, allowing riders to focus on the ride without the distraction or fatigue caused by continuous noise exposure. With the rise of noise cancelling motorcycle helmets, riders can now enjoy a quieter, more enjoyable journey, safeguarding their hearing while staying connected to their environment and their bikes. This article delves into the world of noise cancelling helmets, exploring how they work, their benefits, and what to consider when choosing the right helmet for your rides.

1. Shoei RF-1400: The Premier Helmet for Wind Noise Reduction

In the realm of motorcycle gear, the quest for the perfect helmet that combines safety, comfort, and advanced features is perpetual. Among the contenders, the Shoei RF-1400 stands out, particularly for its exceptional capabilities in wind noise reduction. As a successor to the highly acclaimed RF-1200, the RF-1400 not only upholds Shoei’s reputation for quality but elevates it. This review delves into what makes the Shoei RF-1400 the most sought-after motorcycle helmet for wind noise reduction.

noise cancelling motorcycle helmet

Design and Build Quality

The Shoei RF-1400 showcases a sleek, aerodynamic design, refined through extensive wind tunnel testing to minimize air resistance and noise. The helmet’s shell is constructed using Shoei’s proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ technology, which combines layers of fiberglass with organic fibers to create a lightweight yet robust outer shell. This meticulous approach to design contributes significantly to its noise-reducing capabilities, as well as providing enhanced impact protection.

Comfort and Fit

Shoei has long been celebrated for its attention to comfort and the RF-1400 is no exception. The helmet features a fully removable, washable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry interior system, which is designed to offer a snug fit while wicking away moisture. The cheek pads are customizable, allowing riders to fine-tune the fit to their preference, ensuring maximum comfort even on long rides. The RF-1400’s ventilation system has been optimized to offer a balance between airflow and silence, featuring multiple intake and exhaust vents that can be adjusted on the go.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

The Shoei RF-1400’s most notable feature is its wind noise reduction capability. The helmet’s aerodynamic shape, combined with the Acoustic Noise Isolator cheek pad design, significantly cuts down on wind noise, making it one of the quietest helmets on the market. This reduction in noise greatly enhances rider concentration and reduces fatigue, making for a more enjoyable and safer ride. The helmet’s visor system also contributes to its quiet nature, with the Vortex Generator on the visor reducing wind turbulence and noise by creating a smoother air flow over the helmet.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the design of the RF-1400. It is DOT and SNELL M2020 certified, meeting and exceeding high safety standards. The helmet’s compact, lightweight design does not compromise on protection, offering an advanced level of impact absorption. The Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) allows for quick removal of the helmet in case of an accident, further underscoring Shoei’s commitment to rider safety.

Additional Features

The RF-1400 is equipped with a CWR-F2 shield system, featuring a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system and a quick-release mechanism for easy, tool-free changes. The shield provides a wide field of vision and is designed to seal tightly against the helmet, preventing water ingress and further reducing wind noise.


The Shoei RF-1400 is not just a helmet; it’s an investment in premium comfort, safety, and the joy of a quieter ride. Its wind noise reduction capabilities set a new benchmark, making it an ideal choice for riders who prioritize a serene riding experience without compromising on safety or performance. While the price point may be higher than some competitors, the RF-1400 justifies its cost through superior build quality, comfort, and the unparalleled quiet it offers. For those looking to elevate their riding experience, the Shoei RF-1400 is, without doubt, the most motorcycle helmet for wind noise reduction.

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2. Sena Momentum INC: A Leader in Wind Noise Reduction for Motorcyclists

In the world of motorcycle helmets, finding the perfect blend of technology, comfort, and noise reduction can be a formidable challenge. The Sena Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise-Control) helmet emerges as a game-changer, especially renowned for its exceptional wind noise reduction capabilities. This comprehensive review explores why the Sena Momentum INC stands out as a top choice for riders seeking a quieter, more enjoyable riding experience.


Image Source: Sena

Advanced Noise-Control Technology

At the heart of the Sena Momentum INC’s noise reduction prowess is its Intelligent Noise-Control system. Unlike passive noise reduction strategies that rely solely on helmet design and materials to block out sound, the Momentum INC uses active noise cancellation (ANC). This technology involves microphones picking up ambient sound and generating inverse sound waves to effectively cancel out wind noise. The result is a dramatically quieter ride, allowing riders to focus on the road and enjoy their ride without the constant drone of wind noise at high speeds.

Design and Build

The Momentum INC doesn’t just excel in noise reduction; it also boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that contributes to its overall performance. The helmet is constructed with a composite fiberglass shell, offering a lightweight yet sturdy build. Its shape has been optimized to cut through the air with minimal resistance, further reducing wind noise and making the helmet comfortable for long rides.

Comfort and Fit

Sena has paid close attention to the comfort and fit of the Momentum INC, ensuring it meets the needs of diverse riders. The interior is lined with removable and washable padding, made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps riders cool and dry. The fit can be fine-tuned with different cheek pad sizes, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit that also aids in reducing noise by preventing air gaps.

Intelligent Features

The Momentum INC helmet is not just about noise reduction; it’s also packed with intelligent features that enhance the riding experience. It comes integrated with Sena’s industry-leading communication technology, allowing riders to connect via Bluetooth for music, GPS navigation, and communication with other riders. The helmet’s controls are intuitive, designed for easy use even with gloves on, making it convenient to switch between functions while on the move.

Safety Standards

Safety is paramount, and the Sena Momentum INC meets and exceeds DOT and ECE standards. The helmet’s construction not only provides excellent noise reduction but also ensures superior protection in the event of an impact. The addition of a pin-lock ready, anti-fog visor enhances visibility under various riding conditions, adding another layer of safety.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the key considerations for any helmet with electronic features is battery life. The Sena Momentum INC excels in this area, offering up to 20 hours of talk time on a single charge. This long battery life ensures that riders can enjoy all the helmet’s features even on long trips without worrying about frequent recharges.


The Sena Momentum INC sets a new standard for wind noise reduction in motorcycle helmets, thanks to its innovative use of active noise cancellation technology. Its combination of comfort, safety, and advanced features makes it a compelling choice for any rider looking to invest in a high-quality, noise-reducing helmet. While the price point may be higher than some traditional helmets, the value it offers in terms of a quieter, more enjoyable ride, and enhanced communication capabilities justifies the investment. For riders looking to conquer wind noise and stay connected on the road, the Sena Momentum INC is undoubtedly the most motorcycle helmet for wind noise reduction.

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3. Shark EVO One 2: Mastering Wind Noise Reduction for Motorcyclists

In the pursuit of the ultimate motorcycle helmet, wind noise reduction remains a top priority for riders seeking both comfort and concentration on their journeys. The Shark EVO One 2 has emerged as a standout in this arena, offering an impressive blend of features designed to combat wind noise while ensuring rider safety and convenience. This review delves into the details of what makes the Shark EVO One 2 a leading choice for riders who demand the quietest ride possible.

Design and Innovation

At first glance, the Shark EVO One 2 impresses with its sleek, aerodynamic design, a hallmark of Shark’s commitment to combining form and function. This helmet is crafted with a focus on reducing wind resistance and noise, featuring a compact and lightweight structure that promotes a quieter riding experience. The innovation doesn’t stop at its exterior; the EVO One 2 is a modular helmet that allows riders to easily switch between full-face and open-face configurations, providing flexibility without sacrificing noise reduction capabilities.

Advanced Wind Noise Reduction

The core appeal of the Shark EVO One 2 lies in its advanced wind noise reduction technology. This helmet incorporates a carefully engineered acoustic collar that aims to minimize wind noise, creating a quieter, more enjoyable ride. The design integrates seamlessly with the helmet’s Auto-up and Auto-down system, which simplifies the process of raising and lowering the visor and chin guard, further aiding in aerodynamics and reducing potential noise entry points.

Comfort and Fit

Shark has not overlooked the importance of comfort and fit in the EVO One 2. The helmet interior features a bamboo fiber-based lining, offering a hypoallergenic, antibacterial environment that remains comfortable over long rides. The lining is fully removable and washable, ensuring the helmet stays fresh. Additionally, the EVO One 2 is equipped with the Shark Easy Fit system, making it glasses-friendly and ensuring a snug fit for all riders, which is essential for effective noise reduction.

Ventilation System

Effective ventilation is crucial for maintaining comfort, especially in a helmet designed for noise reduction. The Shark EVO One 2 boasts an optimized ventilation system that provides ample airflow without compromising its quiet nature. Adjustable vents on the front and top allow riders to customize airflow to their preference, ensuring comfort in various riding conditions.

Safety and Visibility

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Shark EVO One 2 meets European ECE 22.05 standards, affirming its protective capabilities. The helmet features an integrated sun visor, enhancing visibility in bright conditions. For night riding, the helmet is designed to accommodate Shark’s Sharktooth® Bluetooth communication system and also offers reflective patches on the collar and back of the helmet, enhancing visibility to other road users.


The Shark EVO One 2 stands as a testament to Shark’s innovation in motorcycle helmet design, particularly in wind noise reduction. Its combination of a noise-dampening design, comfort, and safety features makes it an attractive option for riders who prioritize a quiet and enjoyable riding experience. While it may come with a premium price tag, the EVO One 2 justifies its cost through its versatility, comfort, and the peace it brings to long rides. For those seeking the most motorcycle helmet for wind noise reduction, the Shark EVO One 2 is undoubtedly a top contender, promising both tranquility and protection on the open road.

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Additional Noise Cancelling to Your Current Helmet

1. Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

Custom Molded Earplugs

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Decibullz custom molded earplugs have garnered attention for their innovative approach to hearing protection, offering a unique solution that combines custom-fit comfort with effective noise reduction. These earplugs stand out in the crowded market of hearing protection for several reasons, and this review aims to delve into their features, usability, and overall value.

Custom-Fit Design

The hallmark of Decibullz earplugs is their custom-moldability. Unlike one-size-fits-all earplugs, Decibullz are designed to be molded by the user at home, using hot water. This process allows the earplugs to perfectly conform to the unique contours of each user’s ears, providing unparalleled comfort and a secure fit that stays in place, even during rigorous activities or long periods of use.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 31 decibels, Decibullz earplugs offer substantial protection against hazardous noise levels, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from shooting sports and industrial work environments to everyday noise reduction in urban settings or while traveling. The high NRR ensures that users can enjoy significant noise attenuation while still being able to hear necessary sounds and conversations when needed.

Ease of Use

The molding process of Decibullz earplugs is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps. After heating the earplugs in hot water, they become soft and pliable, ready to be shaped to the ears. If the initial fit isn’t perfect, the process can be repeated, allowing users to achieve the ideal fit without the need for professional assistance. This ease of customization sets Decibullz apart from traditional earplugs and custom-molded options that require professional fitting.

Durability and Maintenance

Constructed from a thermoplastic material, Decibullz earplugs are durable and built to last. They can be cleaned easily with water and mild soap, ensuring they remain hygienic and safe for repeated use. The material’s durability also means that, with proper care, these earplugs can provide long-term hearing protection, offering good value for the investment.

Portability and Accessories

Decibullz earplugs come with a convenient carrying pouch, making them easy to store and transport without the risk of loss or damage. Additionally, the brand offers various accessories, such as lanyards and different types of filters, allowing users to customize their earplugs for specific environments or activities.


  • Customizable fit ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • High NRR provides excellent noise reduction.
  • Re-moldable, allowing for adjustments to the fit as needed.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for a wide range of activities and environments.


  • The molding process may be challenging for some users.
  • Higher initial cost compared to standard earplugs.
  • May not fit all ear types, despite being moldable.

2. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise cancelling earbuds have become an essential gadget for anyone looking to immerse themselves in music, podcasts, or any audio content without the distraction of ambient noise. These earbuds use advanced technology to reduce or eliminate unwanted environmental sounds, providing a purer listening experience. Below, we explore the key features, benefits, and considerations when choosing noise cancelling earbuds.

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Key Features of Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  1. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): The most significant feature of these earbuds is ANC, which uses microphones to pick up external sounds and then produce inverse waves to cancel them out. This technology is especially effective against low-frequency noises, such as the hum of an airplane or the rumble of a train.
  2. Passive Noise Isolation: In addition to ANC, these earbuds are designed to physically block out sound. The ear tips fit snugly in the ear canal, creating a seal that prevents external noise from entering. This physical barrier enhances the overall noise cancellation effect.
  3. Sound Quality: High-quality noise cancelling earbuds do not compromise on sound fidelity. They often feature superior drivers and tuning to deliver clear, rich, and balanced audio, even with ANC activated.
  4. Battery Life: Active noise cancellation requires power, so battery life is an important consideration. Many noise cancelling earbuds offer significant battery life on a single charge, with additional charges provided by their carrying case.
  5. Comfort and Fit: Since these earbuds are often used for extended periods, comfort is crucial. Many brands include multiple ear tip sizes to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.
  6. Wireless Connectivity: Most noise cancelling earbuds are wireless, using Bluetooth to connect to your devices. This feature adds convenience and freedom of movement.

Benefits of Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  • Enhanced Focus: By reducing background noise, these earbuds allow users to concentrate better, whether working, studying, or enjoying media.
  • Improved Audio Experience: Noise cancellation enables a cleaner listening experience, allowing you to hear more details in your music or content without cranking up the volume.
  • Travel Friendly: They are ideal for travelers looking to reduce the fatigue caused by constant, loud ambient noise, particularly during flights.
  • Versatility: Modern noise cancelling earbuds often come with adjustable settings, letting users tailor the level of noise cancellation and transparency according to their environment.

Considerations When Choosing Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  • Price: High-quality noise cancelling earbuds can be an investment. Consider your budget and how much you value the ANC feature.
  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure the earbuds fit well. Poorly fitting earbuds can reduce the effectiveness of both noise cancellation and sound quality.
  • Battery Life: Look for earbuds with a battery life that suits your daily needs. Consider how often you’re able to charge them.
  • Sound Quality vs. Noise Cancellation: Some earbuds prioritize ANC at the expense of audio quality. Decide which feature is more important to you, or look for a pair that balances both well.
  • Additional Features: Features like touch controls, voice assistant compatibility, and water resistance can enhance the user experience.

FAQs on Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmets

What is a noise cancelling motorcycle helmet?

A noise cancelling motorcycle helmet is designed to reduce ambient noise, such as wind, traffic, and engine sounds, using active or passive noise cancellation technologies. This allows for a quieter riding experience, enhancing rider comfort and concentration.

How does active noise cancellation (ANC) work in motorcycle helmets?

Active noise cancellation in motorcycle helmets involves using built-in microphones to detect external noise. The helmet then generates a counter-sound wave that effectively cancels out the incoming noise, significantly reducing the overall sound level inside the helmet.

Are noise cancelling helmets safe?

Yes, noise cancelling helmets are safe and can actually enhance rider safety by reducing noise-related fatigue and distraction. They are designed to reduce harmful noise levels while still allowing important sounds, such as sirens or horns, to be heard.

Can I retrofit my existing helmet with noise cancellation technology?

While there are aftermarket noise cancellation systems available, their effectiveness can vary. Retrofitting a helmet not specifically designed for noise cancellation may not provide the same level of performance as a helmet that has been engineered from the start with noise reduction in mind.

Do noise cancelling helmets also have Bluetooth?

Many noise cancelling helmets come equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing riders to connect their helmets to smartphones, music players, and intercoms. This integration provides a seamless and connected riding experience.

Benefits of Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmets

Noise cancelling motorcycle helmets provide a series of benefits that enhance both the safety and comfort of riders. Here are some of the key advantages of using noise cancelling technology in motorcycle helmets:

1. Reduced Noise Fatigue

Continuous exposure to wind noise and road noise can lead to rider fatigue over long periods. Noise cancelling helmets significantly reduce this exposure, helping to keep the rider more alert and focused on the road, thereby reducing the risk of accidents due to fatigue.

2. Enhanced Communication

With reduced background noise, it’s easier to use communication systems effectively. Riders can clearly hear navigation instructions, communicate with fellow riders, or take phone calls without the interference of wind or road noise, leading to safer and more enjoyable rides.

3. Improved Audio Quality

For those who enjoy listening to music or podcasts while riding, noise cancelling helmets improve audio quality by filtering out ambient noise. This allows for lower volume levels while maintaining clear sound, which is safer for the rider’s hearing over time.

4. Increased Riding Comfort

By cutting down on wind and road noise, noise cancelling helmets make for a more comfortable riding experience. Riders can enjoy longer journeys without the discomfort and annoyance of constant loud noise.

5. Protection Against Hearing Loss

Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can lead to permanent hearing damage. By significantly reducing noise exposure, noise cancelling helmets protect riders from the risk of noise-induced hearing loss, a common concern among regular motorcyclists.

6. Enhanced Concentration

Reducing background noise helps riders stay more focused on their surroundings and the task of riding. This enhanced concentration can lead to better decision-making on the road and a reduced likelihood of accidents.

7. Stress Reduction

Noise is not just a physical hazard; it can also be a source of stress. By providing a quieter riding environment, noise cancelling helmets can help reduce stress levels associated with riding in noisy environments, leading to a more pleasant and relaxing ride.

8. Versatility and Connectivity

Many noise cancelling helmets come equipped with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, enabling riders to easily connect their helmets to their smartphones, GPS devices, or other riders. This adds a layer of convenience and enhances the overall riding experience.

9. Improved Aerodynamics

Noise cancelling helmets are often designed with aerodynamics in mind to help reduce wind noise, which can also contribute to better fuel efficiency and less wind resistance during rides.


Noise cancelling motorcycle helmets represent a significant advancement in rider gear technology, offering a wide range of benefits that go beyond mere noise reduction. They contribute to a safer, more enjoyable, and more comfortable riding experience, addressing both the immediate and long-term needs of motorcyclists. Whether for daily commutes or long-distance touring, the advantages of noise cancelling helmets make them a worthwhile investment for any rider prioritizing safety and comfort on the road.

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